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Why Should you do YouTube Challenges on your Channel? TOP 110 YouTube Challenges in 2024 1. “Not My Hands” Challenge 2. “100 Layer” Challenge 3. “The Yoga” Challenge 4. “Fun Accent” Challenge 5. Valentine’s Day Challenge 6. “The Brain Freeze” Challenge 7. “Try not to Laugh” Challenge 8. “Earth Day Beach Clean-Up” Challenge 9. “Romantic Gaze” Challenge 10. “Chubby Bunny” Challenge 11. “The Ghost Pepper” Challenge 12. “Eat it or Wear it” Challenge 13. “Smoothie” Challenge 14. “Say Yes to Mom for Everything” Challenge 15. “Internet Slang” Challenge 16. “Blindfolded Makeup” Challenge 17. “Boyfriend Does My Makeup” Challenge 18. “Speed Drawing” Challenge 19. “Whipped Cream” Challenge 20. “The Whisper” Challenge 21. “Blindfolded Drawing” Challenge 22. “Touch My Body” Challenge 23. “Pizza” Challenge 24. “Secret Food Angel” Challenge 25. “Nintendo Switch” Challenge 26. “Fantastic Gymnastic” Challenge 27. “Not My Legs” Challenge 28. “Baby Food” Challenge 29. “Roast Yourself” Challenge 30. “Chapstick” Challenge 31. “Condom” Challenge 32. “Beans and Chopstick” Challenge 33. “Big Meal” Challenge 34. “10,000 Calorie” Challenge 35. “Blindfold Food Tasting” Challenge 36. “75 Hard” Challenge 37. “Cling Film” Challenge 38. “Cold Water” Challenge 39. “Cook-a-Meal” Challenge 40. “Dizzy” Challenge 41. “24-hour” Challenge 42. “Going to the Worst Rated Place in the Town” Challenge 43. “The Disney” Challenge 44. “Say Something” Challenge 45. “Innuendo Bingo” Challenge 46. “What’s in the Box” Challenge 47. “Cake” Challenge 48. “What’s in My Mouth?” Challenge 49. “The Floor is Lava” Challenge 50. “First-Time Chef” Challenge 51. “Testing Viral Lifehacks” Challenge 52. “Speech Jammer” Challenge 53. “Christmas Kindness” Challenge 54. “Hungry Hippo” Challenge 55. “Duct Tape” Challenge 56. “Guess the Game Soundtrack” Challenge 57. “Guess The YouTuber’s Voice” Challenge 58. “Mcdonald’s Roulette” Challenge 59. “The TMI” Challenge 60. “Halloween Candy” Challenge 61. “Best Friend Tag” Challenge 62. “Boyfriend/Girlfriend Tag” Challenge 63. “Extremely Sour Candy” Challenge 64. “Last to Leave” Challenge 65. “Transforming MySelf Into” Challenge 66. “Exploding Watermelon” Challenge 67. “Eating the Worlds Biggest” Challenge 68. “Followers Control My Day” Challenge 69. “Chicken Nugget” Challenge 70. “Branded vs. Cheap Food” Challenge 71. “Express Your Love To Your Father” Challenge 72. “Egg Roulette” Challenge 73. “Lie Detector” Challenge 74. “Backward Word” Challenge 75. “Say Yes” Challenge 76. “No Thumbs” Challenge 77. “Tin Can” Challenge 78. “Bubble Gum” Challenge 79. “Oreo” Challenge 80. “Impression” Challenge 81. “Eating Lemons with No Reaction” Challenge 82. “Draw it or Eat It” Challenge 83. “Mannequin” Challenge 84. “Blindfold Hairstyle” Challenge 85. “No Hands Nail Polish” Challenge 86. “No Mirror Make-Up” Challenge 87. “Eating One Color of Food in 24 Hours” Challenge 88. “Weird Food Combination” Challenge 89. “A Gallon of Milk” Challenge 90. “Silent Vlog” Challenge 91. “Stinky Smell” Challenge 92. “Toilet Paper Fort” Challenge 93. “24-hour Handcuff” Challenge 94. “Pause” Challenge 95. “Say Anything” Challenge 96. “Gummy Food vs. Real Food” Challenge 97. “Dress-up” Challenge 98. “Walk on the Lego” Challenge 99. “Hot Sauce” Challenge 100. “Soda” Challenge 101. “One Bite” Challenge 102. “Tiny Hands” Challenge 103. “Boyfriends Buy Outfits for Girlfriends” Challenge 104. “Fruit Roll-up Race” Challenge 105. “Candy Kissing” Challenge 106. “Cup Stacking” Challenge 107. “No Noise” Challenge 108. “Cooking Without a Recipe” Challenge 109. “Last To – Wins” Challenge 110. “Home Olympics” Challenge

110 Trending YouTube Challenges in 2024! (Must Try) - Vlogtribe (1)If you are a fan of watching YouTube and you have been doing it for a while now, you would notice that a few YouTubers at the same time are starting to create a similar type of content that is called “ YouTube challenges.”

It is a trend between YouTubers and vloggers to do various challenges with your significant other, friends or even alone.

These challenges are helping people to get more creative with their content. It is also very entertaining to watch and increases the number of viewers and subscribers to the YouTube channel.

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Why Should you do YouTube Challenges on your Channel?

Ran Out of Content Ideas?

If you struggled with your YouTube channel and ran out of vlog ideas, then this article is great for you. Or you could check out another article about 200 ideas for the YouTube channel. Creating challenge videos helps build and grow your audience faster than ever.

Furthermore, the ease of creating these types of videos is incredible. It is very easy to film it because you do not need any special editing or filming skills, just put any kind of vlogging camera or a smartphone in front of yourself and start filming.

However, some popular YouTube challenges require moving, dancing, or filming while on the go, but it is still elementary to do. Besides, if you want to start collaborations with other YouTubers, doing challenges helps to do that.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an advanced YouTuber. Doing these challenges is a fun way to meet new people, collaborateand build upyour audience.

Here are some Funny YouTube challenges you can try to film and upload to your channel!


TOP 110 YouTube Challenges in 2024

110 Trending YouTube Challenges in 2024! (Must Try) - Vlogtribe (2)

1. “Not My Hands” Challenge

This is a great and funny challenge to do with your friends. You just need to have one friend that is standing or sitting behind you.

What the friend has to do is to pretend that his or her hands are your hands. Then, you need to figure out what you want to do – put some makeup on, or be cooking, painting, texting, etc. All the things that you wish to do – your friend’s hands will do for you.

This is a straightforward challenge that is suitable for beginners to build up followers. It is not very crazy and is suitable for children.

From our experience, we can say that this is very exciting challenge to do, but also to for your audience to watch. Super funny!


2. “100 Layer” Challenge

This type of YouTube challenge, you can do it even alone. All you have to do is think about what you want to put for 100 layers.

Some people are putting 100 layers of clothes, or some of the YouTubers are going a little bit crazy and putting 100 layers of face-mask, for example.

100 Layers of Clothes SUCCESS (Beauty Break)

3. “The Yoga” Challenge

This is one of the latest and most trending challenges on YouTube that can be done either with your friend or partner. When you choose with whom you want to do it, accordingly choose the yoga positions, as some of them can be a little too intimate to do with your friend.

Basically, this is also a very simple challenge that requires a little bit of flexibility. All you need to do is find some yoga positions that are done with another person and try to replicate them.

Yoga Challenge: Miami Beach! | Sam and Teagan

4. “Fun Accent” Challenge

This challenge can be done with your friends, a partner, or even alone. Recently you could notice that more and more TikTok users do it as well.

All you need to do is to decide which type of accent you want to try and write a short sentence or a couple of words, then try to read them in your chosen accent.

After you watch this video by yourself, who knows, maybe you will be impressed with how good at speaking you are? More about the accent challenge you could read in a separate article here.


5. Valentine’s Day Challenge

For Valentine’s Day 2024, why not try the “Love and Laughs Challenge” on your YouTube channel? This fun challenge is perfect for bringing a mix of romance and humor to your content.

You and your partner, or a group of friends, can take turns doing light-hearted activities related to love, like sharing your first date stories, playing a ‘how well do we know each other’ game, or even a blindfolded food tasting where you guess the dish prepared by your partner.

The key is to keep it light, enjoyable, and engaging for your viewers.

Couples Valentine’s Challenge!

6. “The Brain Freeze” Challenge

Firstly, take this challenge after you know all the safety precautions. Secondly, do not worry about your freezing brain, as it is just the name of this YouTube Challenge.

There are two ways how you could complete it:

  • Simply pour ice-cold water or many ice cubes in the bathtub and ask your friend or partner to sit in there. Suppose you don’t have a bathtub, then what you want to do is to ask questions when your friend has the correct answer, he or she can get out of the ice bathtub.
  • Here’s an easier way – drink an especially cold/iced drink (smoothie) without pause and tell how do you feel after it.

The Brain Freeze Challenge

7. “Try not to Laugh” Challenge

This is one of the best YouTube challenges, as this can turn out very funny to film and to watch. You can do this challenge even alone if you prefer to.

Collect a few videos that are the funniest and watch them while trying not to laugh. If you are smiling – that is OK, but as soon as you start laughing, you lose the challenge. It is entertaining and easy to do.

Try Not To Laugh Challenge #20

8. “Earth Day Beach Clean-Up” Challenge

For Earth Day this year, why not take on the “Beach Clean-Up Challenge” for your YouTube channel? This challenge combines environmental activism with community engagement, inviting others to join you in a day of cleaning a local beach.

Document your efforts, call on friends or other YouTube channels to participate, and use this opportunity to raise awareness about environmental preservation. It’s a fantastic way to create content that’s not only engaging but also impactful.

INSANE Earth Day Beach Clean-Up Challenge: Join the Odd Mob & Help Our Planet!

9. “Romantic Gaze” Challenge

For a unique and engaging YouTube challenge, try the “Romantic Gaze Challenge.” This involves approaching someone, just like in a classic Hollywood romance film, and sharing a moment of eye contact that simulates the iconic movie-style connection.

The challenge is in capturing that moment of connection, reflecting the timeless charm of old-school romantic encounters. It’s a fun, light-hearted way to bring a touch of classic movie magic to your channel, and it’s perfect for creating viral content.

Remember to approach this challenge with respect, keeping it enjoyable for everyone involved.

Girl Staring at Strange Boys | Prank 被陌生女孩一直盯着看,男生们疑惑又害羞的表情太逗了

10. “Chubby Bunny” Challenge

If you think that you want to do something crazy and funny with your friends, this challenge can be very fun to film. All you have to do is to put some marshmallows or chubby bunnies into your mouth and say “chubby bunny.”

You need to put marshmallows until you are not able to say “chubby bunny” anymore.

Chubby Bunny Challenge | Rimorav Vlogs

11. “The Ghost Pepper” Challenge

This is one of the hottest YouTube challenges of all, as you need to eat a whole ghost pepper, also know as Bhut jolokia, and film your reaction to it.

If you are going to do this, first watch a few YouTube videos and think about if you really want to do it, as it can turn out crazy.


12. “Eat it or Wear it” Challenge

This is quite a funny and entertaining challenge to do with your friends.

You need to pull out some random food names that are written on the paper and put them in the bag. Then, you need to choose whether you want to eat it or wear it. The person who “wears” less food wins.

EAT IT or WEAR IT Challenge | Rimorav Vlogs

13. “Smoothie” Challenge

As it sounds delicious and not scary at all, this challenge requires some bravery to do it.

You need to write 10 foods that you like and 10 foods that are disgusting. Then, mix all 20 papers in the bowl or a bag, pull 2 papers each and read it. Secondly, you have to mix two ingredients that you have pulled out.

SMOOTHIE CHALLENGE w/the Merrell Twins | Collins Key

14. “Say Yes to Mom for Everything” Challenge

This Mother’s Day, engage your audience with the “Say Yes to Mom for Everything Challenge.”

The concept is simple yet heartwarming: for a whole day, agree to everything your mom suggests or asks for, capturing the joy and surprises along the way.

This challenge unlike other youtube challenge ideas not only makes for endearing and relatable content but also honors mothers in a fun, loving way.

Saying YES to my mom for 24 Hours !

15. “Internet Slang” Challenge

This is brilliant for the person to do this challenge because you have to dare answer the outsider person’s questions.

The questions are from the internet slang dictionary meaning, urban dictionary, and, obviously, the person who gets the most answers wins.

Internet Slang Challenge With Liza Koshy | YouTube Challenges | Refinery29

16. “Blindfolded Makeup” Challenge

This is one of the funniest challenges on YouTube, especially the final result after it.

You need to do it with a friend or a family member. If you wish, you can do this challenge with your partner. What you need to do is blindfold the person who is going to do your makeup.

The funniest part of this challenge is when the makeup is done. After that, you can remove the blindfold and see the result together with the “makeup guru.”

Also, this YouTube challenge is perfectly suitable if you are a makeup vlogger.

BLINDFOLDED Makeup Challenge | Sister Makeover!

17. “Boyfriend Does My Makeup” Challenge

Well, this challenge has gone viral. Everybody in the YouTube community knows how to do it and it is so fun to watch and film it. In other words – this is one of the most popular YouTube challenges for couples in 2024. Basically, a boy does his girl’s makeup. What could be worse?

The girl is very lucky if her boyfriend is a makeup guru. Otherwise, the final result can turn out very funny. This challenge is viral, and you can try it by yourself.

Boyfriend Does My Makeup Challenge!!||My makeup product revealed||**Hilarious**||Blissful & Flawsome

18. “Speed Drawing” Challenge

The rules are simple: you need to have a group of friends and one of them needs to be the judge.

In a short amount of time, for example – 3 seconds, you need to draw something similar to the given word of the judge, like a cat, a house, etc. The best painting wins. This is an excellent challenge, especially if your YouTube channel is about paintings, drawings, and art.

I WAS NOT PREPARED!! | 10 Minute, 1 Minute, 10 Second Speed Drawing Challenge (With Markers!)

19. “Whipped Cream” Challenge

It is very fun for kids or couples to film this challenge. The most common is for couples. Get ready to have some whipped cream on your face if you do not correctly answer the given question.

For example, if your girlfriend or boyfriend asks you when you first met and you get the answer incorrect – have a great taste of whipped cream!

Some of the YouTubers have filmed this challenge, so go ahead and watch it; it is entertaining to do.


20. “The Whisper” Challenge

Another very fun and super popular challenge to participate in and film.

You need to wear earphones with music. Other people have to say to you some words. Obviously, you can’t hear them, so you need to guess them. In the middle of this challenge, it is getting so funny and entertaining that you definitely need to try and film it.


21. “Blindfolded Drawing” Challenge

Again, you don’t have to have any special skills for this challenge.

Simply, a partner or a friend needs to tell you what to paint, put a blindfold on you, and you can start your masterpiece.

Compare your drawings and the best drawing wins it.

The result can be very shocking and funny, so if you are running a YouTube channel, you should try this challenge for YouTube.


22. “Touch My Body” Challenge

This YouTube challenge is a perfect channel idea for couples.

You need to touch your partner’s body type and guess what it is. It could be very confusing, as you can’t see what you are touching. The person who gets the most guesses wins.

TOUCH MY BODY CHALLENGE (w/ MyLifeAsEva) | Brent Rivera

23. “Pizza” Challenge

It is another viral YouTube challenge, especially for people who are hungry and love pizzas.

What you need to do is to put more than 10 mysterious ingredients that another person has chosen on your pizza, bake it, and then eat it. Bon Appetit!


24. “Secret Food Angel” Challenge

The “Secret Food Angel Challenge” is a heartwarming YouTube challenge idea where participants secretly provide food to homeless individuals.

This act of kindness not only helps those in need but also spreads a powerful message of compassion and humanity.

Documenting these acts anonymously can inspire viewers to engage in similar gestures of goodwill.

Giving Food & Money Secretly - Dumb TV

25. “Nintendo Switch” Challenge

This is one of the most popular challenges for gamers.

Basically, you just need to play a game with your friend and film it. The winner wins the challenge. You can do this challenge with a Nintendo Switch; also, with PlayStation and Xbox, it does not matter.

Nintendo Switch CHALLENGE

26. “Fantastic Gymnastic” Challenge

It is another challenge we took from EvanTube, whereyou need to have a board game.

The challenge is very similar to the flip bottle challenge, except you are playing a board game. If you want to spice the challenge up, every time that you fail to land the “gymnastic” on its feet, you need to eat one bean boozled jelly bean.


27. “Not My Legs” Challenge

This challenge is very similar to not my hands, but your friend is pretending to have your legs. The whole idea of the challenge is to behave as naturally as possible and talk to the camera according to how “your legs” move.

By doing this challenge, you can have a lot of fun while filming this challenge too.


28. “Baby Food” Challenge

Many YouTubers, especially parents, have been doing this challenge for a while and it is exciting to film.

Basically, you and your friend need to eat baby food and guess it from what it is made of. Sometimes, it can be very delicious, but sometimes not. Try it.

29. “Roast Yourself” Challenge

This challenge can be very challenging and fun at the same time for you.

Read the hate comments people are saying about you and then roast yourself.

Also, you can ask your friends or family members to give some opinion, from a negative side (roasts) about you and you just need to listen and react to them. This way is even funnier!


30. “Chapstick” Challenge

This is a YouTube challenge for couples because you need to kiss your girlfriend or boyfriend and guess what the flavor of the chapstick is.

It is not suitable for kids or family members, but it is very fun to do with your partner if you are brave to put your kissing experience on YouTube.

the REAL chapstick challenge..

31. “Condom” Challenge

Most YouTubers know this challenge or even tried it a hundred times before.

Simply you need to fill a condom with water and then throw it on your companion’s head. Nothing new, nothing special, but still one of the most trending and popular YouTube challenges on the internet.


32. “Beans and Chopstick” Challenge

If you are a food vlogger and want to add some fun and interesting content to your YouTube challenge, then this is a good opportunity.

Fill one bowl with beans, then try to grab the beans with the chopstick and put it into an empty bowl.

You can do this challenge with a second person and whoever fills the bowl first – wins. It is a straightforward and simple challenge that doesn’t require any equipment or special skills.

The Bean Chopstick Challenge

33. “Big Meal” Challenge

This is a very popular and trending YouTube Challenge in 2024, as a lot of vloggers and YouTubers try to do it.

It requires you to spend a bit of money and to eat a lot. If you are doing the Big Meal challenge, you have to order the biggest meal from any restaurant and finish it all.

The impossible McDonald's 4 x Large Meal Eating Challenge | Big Meal | Food Challenge India

34. “10,000 Calorie” Challenge

It is a very similar challenge to the above one, but also a different one.

As in the previous one, you have to order one big meal. In this 10,000-calorie challenge, you need to eat that amount of calories in 24 hours.

It can be challenging and a bit dangerous for your metabolism; also, keep in mind that you can gain a little bit of weight, as 10,000 calories sounds and looks a lot.

After you are finished doing this, simply tag your friends and family and pass this challenge.

This challenge is especially popular among athletes and active people who have their own YouTube channels and promote an active lifestyle.

10,000 CALORIE CHALLENGE | Girl VS Food | Epic Cheat Day

35. “Blindfold Food Tasting” Challenge

Another blindfolded challenge, but in this one, you have to taste the kind of food that your friend or family member is giving to you and guess what it is.

To make it more fun, you can come up with your own dish and give it to a friend to taste and ask to list all the ingredients.

Blindfold Food Tasting Challenge!!! EXTREMELY GROSS FOOTAGE!!!

36. “75 Hard” Challenge

Taking on the “75 Hard Challenge” could be an exhilarating addition to your YouTube channel. This challenge involves documenting your 75-day journey, either through vlogs or YouTube shorts. It’s a test of physical and mental endurance.

Balancing the intensity of the 75 Hard Challenge with the demands of filming and editing can be tough, but it offers an incredible opportunity to share your growth and resilience.

It’s a fantastic way to engage with your audience on a deeper level, showcasing your determination and inviting them on your transformative journey.

my first week of doing 75 hard *2024 motivation*

37. “Cling Film” Challenge

Surely, you saw this challenge done by many YouTubers.

Basically, you need to trap a person in a cling film and he or she needs to free themselves as soon as possible.

THE CLING FILM GAUNTLET! (Birthday Challenge)

38. “Cold Water” Challenge

It can be risky, but you need to jump into a cold river, lake, or sea and dunk your head under the water.

You could pick a group of friends with you to make it easier and funnier. Also, I would recommend coming up with a story to make this video even more appealing to your viewers.


39. “Cook-a-Meal” Challenge

A great challenge for food content videos. Gather your family or friends and each cook the same recipe. You will get different tastes.

In general, this challenge reminds me of one well-known TV show called “Masterchef.”

This challenge can be even more fun if one of the participants doesn’t know how to cook at all.


40. “Dizzy” Challenge

You have to spin around while you start to feel dizzy and then finish some given task.

Some of the YouTubers are doing this challenge quite often, but be careful not to bump into anything.

Friendly advice: don’t do this challenge after the meal.


41. “24-hour” Challenge

Well, this idea is one of the most popular and challenging on YouTube nowadays as well.

Simply, YouTubers are spending or doing a specific thing for 24 hours – staying in the car for 24 hours, staying without food for 24 hours, etc.

It guarantees you a lot of views if you catch a trend.


42. “Going to the Worst Rated Place in the Town” Challenge

Also, this is a highly trending and very popular YouTube challenge that can be a bit dangerous.

YouTubers all around the world are going to test out various types of places that have the worst rating – for example, the worst-rated nail salon, hotel, restaurant, and so on.

However, despite the negative reviews, most of the places you choose should surprise you on the good side.

Staying At The Worst Reviewed Hotel In My City - Challenge

43. “The Disney” Challenge

This YouTube challenge can be done with your child or partner who grew up watching some money from Disney animation. All you need is to put out a song from a Disney movie and opponents need to guess which movie it was.

What a nice way to remember childhood, right?

The ULTIMATE Disney Challenge (ft. Zoella) | Tyler Oakley

44. “Say Something” Challenge

Challenges that require two people are fun. In this challenge, you need 2, but if you have more – it is fine.

All players have to say one word related to the topic when it’s their turn to speak. The most difficult part is that you can’t repeat the word that is already told, so you have to remember all the words that are said.

SAY ANYTHING CHALLENGE (with Dylan O'Brien & Kaya Scodelario)

45. “Innuendo Bingo” Challenge

You’ve probably all seen this challenge but didn’t know what it was called, right? This is a very old but classic YouTube challenge that is still very funny to film and do. Try not to laugh when your mouth is full of water.

For more fun, play, and run funny videos or images in the background.

Youtuber Innuendo Bingo With Zoella!

46. “What’s in the Box” Challenge

You will need a box and a person that, without you knowing, would put something into the box. Then, you have to touch it, feel it, and guess what is in that box. I hope that your friends will not be disgusting at this point.

If you want to make it more interesting – order the mysterious box from the dark web.

Sounds challenging?

What's In The Box Challenge with My Wife! (Live Animals, Snake, Lizard, Giant Toad)

47. “Cake” Challenge

This is very fun to film for a whole family. You need to bake a cake from interesting ingredients and try to make it work out.

Be careful because sometimes little vloggers find the most unexpected ingredients.


48. “What’s in My Mouth?” Challenge

You can do this YouTube challenge with your friend or a partner. He or she needs to feed you with a different type of food and you need to guess what it is.

Needless to say your partner should be blinded for a challenge, right?

What’s in your MOUTH! (Game)

49. “The Floor is Lava” Challenge

If you want to make some funny content for your YouTube, then you can play this game whenever and wherever you want.

For example, start playing it in the shop, at school, or in other public places where people would look at you as you are going crazy.


50. “First-Time Chef” Challenge

How about the “First-Time Chef Challenge”?

In this delightful YouTube challenge, you take on the adventure of cooking for the first time. Document your journey from choosing a recipe to the actual cooking, and present your creation to loved ones.

Capture their honest reactions and reviews on camera. It’s not just about cooking skills, but the fun and heartwarming moments that come from sharing your efforts.

attempting to cook for the first time

51. “Testing Viral Lifehacks” Challenge

This challenge hit YouTube recently.

All you need to do is experiment with popular life-hack tricks that you can usually find on social platforms like TikTok.

This challenge is popular because most of the lifehacks usually don’t work.

Testing 7 VIRAL TikTok Life Hacks to See if They Work!

52. “Speech Jammer” Challenge

It is really hard to try to talk when someone is interrupting you. Try to download the Speech Jammer app and film yourself trying to talk or sing.

The video could turn out really funny as you won’t be able to do it at first.

It is a real challenge!

Speech Jammer Prank Call Challenge

53. “Christmas Kindness” Challenge

Embrace the holiday spirit with the “Christmas Kindness Challenge” on your YouTube channel. Throughout December, perform and record a random act of kindness each day.

It could be anything from helping strangers at a mall or a neighbor to donating to charity. Documenting these heartwarming deeds not only spreads joy but also inspires your viewers to engage in their own acts of kindness.

This challenge is a wonderful way to make a positive impact during the festive season while creating content that truly resonates with the spirit of Christmas.

Random acts of kindness ❤️

54. “Hungry Hippo” Challenge

It is a simple challenge to film.

Just drop a bunch of jelly beans or any other small food on the plate and try to catch them as much as you can with your mount, but don’t eat.

Set a time, for example, 30 sec. and after that, split them out into the cup or bowl and calculate how many you have taken.

Hungry Hippo Challenge - with React Channel

55. “Duct Tape” Challenge

This challenge is suitable for those who have always wondered how it feels to be kidnapped.

Well, finally, there is a chance to feel it. All you need to do is to ask someone to duct tape you in a way that is hard to escape.

Nevertheless, we recommend taking care of the safety of the participants and filming where you can avoid any kind of injuries.

Couple’s Duct Tape Escape Challenge! *GONE WRONG*

56. “Guess the Game Soundtrack” Challenge

This YouTube challenge is most suitable for all the gamers out there!

You will need 3 people to film this challenge. One person needs to play various types of soundtracks from different games and the other 2 persons need to guess the name of the game.

Whoever guesses more wins the challenge.

In our opinion, it is a perfect challenge for a YouTube gaming channel.


57. “Guess The YouTuber’s Voice” Challenge

If you are watching a lot of YouTube, you can test yourself if you know your favorite YouTubers and recognize them just from their voice.

You will need 2 people for this challenge. One person needs to play any kind of YouTube video and another person needs to guess the YouTuber’s name just from the voice.

Here’s the deal:

With this challenge, you can get many other YouTuber’s attention, especially whose voice you guessed. Just be sure to remember to share this video and to tag them.

LILLY SINGH: Guess the YouTuber's Voice Challenge

58. “Mcdonald’s Roulette” Challenge

If you like gambling, this is the easiest, safest, and funniest way to do it. However, it might cost you some money.

All you need to do is go to the drive-thru of any McDonald’s and order whatever the person in front of you did. Who knows, maybe you will get an order up to $100 or just a simple small co*ke?


59. “The TMI” Challenge

TMI stands for Too Much Information.

Also, it is a great way to engage with your subscribers. Simply ask your viewers to write the various types of questions and you will need to answer them honestly.

Don’t be afraid to go crazy because the essence of the idea itself is to get as funny and weird questions as possible.

If you’re a fan of something, you can ask the audience to prepare questions on a particular topic. Just don’t search for information on Google, because that way it will lose its whole essence.


60. “Halloween Candy” Challenge

Get ready for a spooky and fun “Halloween Candy Challenge” on your YouTube channel. Venture around your neighborhood asking for candy, and make it a friendly competition with your friends to see who can collect the most.

Record your trick-or-treating adventures, capture the excitement, and see who emerges as the Halloween candy champion.

61. “Best Friend Tag” Challenge

All you need for this challenge is your best friend and yourself.

Then, create some really great and funny questions for each other and ask them in front of the camera. Write down each answer and compare whether your answers match.

Not Best Friend Tag Challenge. Will We Break Up Being BFFs? Totally TV

62. “Boyfriend/Girlfriend Tag” Challenge

The challenge is the same as the BFF one; you just need your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Ask them questions, like when we first kissed or where we met? Sometimes the results could shock you.


63. “Extremely Sour Candy” Challenge

You need to eat some extremely sour candy.

Can you eat them all?

Try it out in front of the camera.

We recommend making standing and following the results of which of your friends ate most of the sour candies.

EXTREME SOUR CANDY Toxic Waste & Warhead Challenge | Collins Key

64. “Last to Leave” Challenge

We can usually find this type of challenge on the MrBeast channel, but you can do it yourself with your friends.

Come up with a task, for example, the last guy sitting on the coach wins $1000 and so on.

Most videos of this type redeem the budget of the challenge from the ads.


65. “Transforming MySelf Into” Challenge

It’s very funny but at the same time a courageous challenge.

You need to come up with a character, an animal, or whatever you come up with and transform into it for a period of time, usually 12 hours.

This means that you have to behave and communicate for a set period of time in the same way as the one you transformed into.

This challenge guarantees you a large number of views if you select what is trending.

i turned myself intO a flamingO

66. “Exploding Watermelon” Challenge

You need to take safety precautions first when filming this challenge. Put rubber bands on the watermelon until it explodes.

This challenge requires patience and safety glasses.


67. “Eating the Worlds Biggest” Challenge

We probably don’t need to talk much about it.

The essence of the whole challenge is to eat a very large dish, which you can prepare for yourself. e.g., the world’s largest burger, pizza, and so on.

Biggest, Best and Most Famous Eats in America (NYC, Vegas & LA) | Furious Pete World Tour

68. “Followers Control My Day” Challenge

This challenge must be one of the most popular for new YouTubers.

All you need to do is ask your viewers to start following you on a social network (ideally Instagram) and allow them to take control of your day from several choices.

For example, what to order to eat, where to go, etc. Let’s choose one of two options, but don’t make it boring – include some funny and challenging choices, film everything, and upload it to YouTube.

I Let My Instagram Followers Control My Life For A Day **WE KISSED**💋💔 | Gavin Magnus ft. Coco Quinn

69. “Chicken Nugget” Challenge

One person needs to buy chicken nuggets from different fast food places and another person needs to guess it from where they were.

If you like chicken nuggets, then you will really like the challenge.


70. “Branded vs. Cheap Food” Challenge

This challenge gained a lot of popularity on YouTube because some YouTubers proved that you don’t need to buy expensive and branded food just for it to taste better.

Here’s the deal:

You will need 2 people for this challenge. Buy the same food in the market, branded and unbranded. Then, one person needs to give you these two types of the same food and you will need to guess which one is branded and which one is not.


71. “Express Your Love To Your Father” Challenge

For Father’s Day, try the “Express Your Love Challenge,” originally inspired by Jimmy Kimmel. The idea is to express love to your dad and share his reaction on camera.

Although it might be challenging for many, this heartfelt gesture can create touching and memorable content.

Kimmel’s version involved sneaking up on dads and yelling “I love you,” but in this challenge, the focus is on a sincere expression of love, capturing the genuine emotions and reactions that follow.

It’s a beautiful way to honor fathers and share the warmth of family bonds with your audience.

YouTube Challenge – Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I Told My Dad I Love Him

72. “Egg Roulette” Challenge

All you need for this challenge is a couple of friends, a roulette wheel, and a few eggs.

Place the eggs on the roulette wheel and leave some gaps. Spin the wheel and if you have an egg – crack it on your head.

If you have space – you are lucky!


73. “Lie Detector” Challenge

You will need to have a lie detector for this challenge. I am sure you could find one on Amazon or just download a random app from the store.

Bring in a friend or a family member and ask them different questions while their hand is placed on the lie detector.


74. “Backward Word” Challenge

Simply pull out a word that you need to say backward.

Also, there is an app that records the word and then spells it in the right way. This can show you if you have spelled the word backward correctly.

BACKWARDS WORD CHALLENGE Sibling Tag w/ Devan | Collins Key

75. “Say Yes” Challenge

You’ve probably seen a lot of the movie “Yes Man,” right? Take the idea of the film into reality and do the challenge for 24 hours to say yes to everything.

Film it like a standard video blog, but remember that you can’t answer no to anyone.

At the end of the day, you will have really great material for an amazing YouTube video.

Say YES Challenge! My Boyfriend Says Yes to Everything for 24 Hours

76. “No Thumbs” Challenge

No Thumbs Challenge is actually very exciting.

In this challenge, you have to tape your thumb to your palms and do stipulated tasks such as peeling bananas, texting, putting on make-up (etc.) The one who can complete a task faster and more efficiently wins.


77. “Tin Can” Challenge

This is a simple yet exciting challenge to do with your family and friends.

You should take tin cans of food around the house and remove the label. Mix them up, and in that way, you don‘t remember which can is which.

Open them up, and try to guess what each item is. You might get some weird and exciting answers for some of them.


78. “Bubble Gum” Challenge

We have chewed the second stick of gum when the first one has lost its taste. It is time to take it up a notch and see how many sticks of gums you can eat at one time.

You will find it interesting how some people can fit a box of gum in their mouth at one time.

BUBBLE GUM CHALLENGE | Chewing Gum Challenge | Brother Vs Brother | Viwa Brothers

79. “Oreo” Challenge

One of the best YouTube challenges is if you are hungry and motivated to film a YouTube video.

Oreo is one of the world‘s favorite snacks, and it comes in tons of different flavors. Do you consider yourself a fan of Oreo? Well, in this challenge, we will put your Oreo addiction to the test.

You will need all the ones you can get for this challenge. Blindfold each person and see if they can guess which Oreo they got, and the person who thinks the most of them correctly wins!


Another twist for this challenge is having the most Oreos eaten in 10 minutes. See who can eat most Oreos in 10 minutes


80. “Impression” Challenge

This is a simple game wherein you have to make the best impressions you can make.

We suggest doing it with your squad or family and surprise them with a list of impressions to do.

This will be exciting to create a list and have each one to be picked at random. Then each participant will do the impersonation on the spot.

The team who guesses it correctly wins. This is exciting for you and your viewers because you do not have time to think or prepare.

IMPRESSION CHALLENGE! Spongebob, Harry Potter, Batman, and more!

81. “Eating Lemons with No Reaction” Challenge

Lemons are great as lemonade and partner with tequila, but have you ever tried one by itself?

In this challenge, we have to put our taste buds and self-control to the test. Cut lemons into different wedges and see who can eat them without any reaction at all!

Trust us! It is hard to eat a lemon without twitching at all. You will have to find funny, weird faces and reactions after this simple challenge.

Don’t do this challenge if you have acid reflux!!!

Lemon eating Challenge 🍋🍊

82. “Draw it or Eat It” Challenge

This is a funny and simple game and challenge that you can do with your friends.

You must draw and see which one has the better or close enough drawing of the presented food. If he or she loses, she has to eat it.

An exciting challenge because you have to see hilarious results afterward.


83. “Mannequin” Challenge

This is a super popular challenge, and in this particular game, no one is allowed to move while the song plays.

An exciting way to spice up your holiday vacation with family and friends is by getting into a scene in a movie or event and posting like a dummy in public and seeing hilarious reactions among the public viewers.

If you have a fear of vlogging in public, this is a hilarious way to fight against it.

Top 15 Best Mannequin Challenge Compilation ( #MannequinChallenge )

84. “Blindfold Hairstyle” Challenge

Can you style your friend‘s hair? I bet you do, but how about a little challenge like styling your friend‘s hair without seeing it?

Now is the time to know if you have a talent for it. Blindfold your friends and see who can create the best hairstyle possible without letting them see it.

The Blindfold Hair Challenge

85. “No Hands Nail Polish” Challenge

Every girl loves fine and clean nail polish. But how about a challenge, putting on nail polish without using your hands?

This challenge is enjoyable to watch since they have to use their mouth to polish their nails without their hands.

No Hands Nail Polish Challenge!

86. “No Mirror Make-Up” Challenge

Every girl needs a mirror when doing their makeup. But for this challenge, you cannot look into the mirror when putting on your makeup.

When everything is done, vote on who did it the best without a mirror and see who the true make-up artist is within your group.

To complete this challenge in amazing quality, we highly recommend checking the best cameras for makeup artists.

NO MIRROR Makeup Challenge + A BIG Surprise | Anaysa

87. “Eating One Color of Food in 24 Hours” Challenge

Most of us are either vegan or meat lovers when it comes to our diet. Guess what? Can you do a challenge wherein you have to only eat one color of food for 24 hours?

This video challenge is best done with a group of friends or family you have to spend the next exciting 24 hours with.

One should pick a list of colors, and afterward, all he/she can eat are either green, color, or yellow food for the next 24 hours. It is so much fun to see what kind of food you can eat all day in red or yellow.

Here’s the deal:

Moreover, we do believe that his challenge will be super trending in 2024 and could bring you a lot of new followers to your YouTube channel!


88. “Weird Food Combination” Challenge

You have to look for all the food you keep in your food cabinet or refrigerator and list it.

Let your friend pick at least four things out of our list and combine them. He has to eat it all at once and see how many weird food combinations can come up with this challenge.

Trying 25 WEIRD Food Combos | Alonzo Lerone

89. “A Gallon of Milk” Challenge

This challenge is based on the unbeatable concept that a person can not drink a gallon of milk in an hour without vomiting.

Obviously, whoever can beat this concept wins.


A lot of vomiting is happening after this challenge!

The NEW Gallon Milk Challenge (Warning: Don't Tase Me Bro)

90. “Silent Vlog” Challenge

Take on the “Silent Vlog Challenge” by creating a vlog where you tell a story without speaking. Use only visuals and captions to convey your message.

This challenge tests your creativity and storytelling skills, encouraging you to think outside the box and find new ways to communicate with your audience.

It’s a unique way to engage viewers, challenging both the creator and the audience to interpret the story through images and text alone. This silent approach offers a fresh and intriguing perspective to vlogging, making it a captivating experience for all.

A DAY IN MY LIFE | Gym, Work, Eating

91. “Stinky Smell” Challenge

For this challenge, participants are blindfolded and forced to smell various smelly scents.

Most of the scents are stinky, so participants’ reactions to these smells are amusing.

This challenge aims to identify what the stink is and what it is caused by.


92. “Toilet Paper Fort” Challenge

This is an exciting challenge for everyone because participants have to build a fort out of toilet paper in a grocery store. The challenge is to avoid being thrown out by security.

To make this challenge more exciting, divide your group into a different team. Each team must conquer the grocery stores in your area simultaneously and see which one has not been caught in a long time.


Supper funny YouTube challenge that will increase your channel followers and views for sure!!


93. “24-hour Handcuff” Challenge

Players in this challenge are stuck together with handcuffs for the next 24 hours.

They have to complete tasks you assigned to them for the next 24 hours and be seen in public in handcuffs together.

Handcuffed to Ben For 24 HOURS!!

94. “Pause” Challenge

This is the game when a participant has their lives paused for 60 seconds at random moments.

During this YouTube challenge, you have to maintain the pose you are in for an entire minute after your friends say the word pause.

Excruciating, right?

But funny for some, because they have to do this in public and pause for a minute and see many weird faces and reactions you can see with this challenge.

It should be one of the most trending video challenges in 2024.

PAUSE CHALLENGE (Brother VS Sister!!) PART 2! | Brent Rivera

95. “Say Anything” Challenge

Do you want some brain fun challenge without creating any mess at all?

First of all, you need at least two participants in this exciting game.

The player must say any random words without repetition and cannot pause for more than 2 seconds. If someone repeats a word or pauses during the game, he/she will be punished by putting on tape on his/her face.

The winner of the challenge is the one with a lesser tape on his face.

Say Anything Challenge!!!

96. “Gummy Food vs. Real Food” Challenge

In this challenging game, there are two plates arranged next to each other.

One contains the gummy version of the food, while the other is the real food version.

The player has to pick one and eat whatever is inside the plate. The funny thing is that they have to eat whatever it is, even if it’s bugs or gross food to eat.


97. “Dress-up” Challenge

This challenge is played most with couples.

For this challenge, both teams have to pick out an outfit for each other to wear.

This is funny since boyfriends are wearing mostly dresses and high heels. Amusing videos to watch for people who are looking for enjoyable content on YouTube!


98. “Walk on the Lego” Challenge

It’s not the most fun challenge to do, but it’s extremely fun to watch.

Players have to walk on a line of legos without falling over. This is an amusing thing to watch since legos are so painful to walk on.

In particular, this challenge requires many skills, and viewers will enjoy your reactions to this unfortunate funny challenge.

World's Longest LEGO Walk | OT 2

99. “Hot Sauce” Challenge

In this experiment, players have to taste 15 hot sauces of a different variety.

What is more amusing is that you have to see their reactions to each sauce.

This game can be done with your kids or a young age group of kids.

From people’s experience, we could say that this YouTube video perfectly attracts younger viewers.

HOT SAUCE CHALLENGE! Spicy Alert! Waahhh Wahhhh!! FUNnel Vision Tries 15+ Spicy Bottles

100. “Soda” Challenge

In this challenge, you have to look for a different kind of soda in a foreign grocery store.

Keep your friends blindfolded in this game and let them sip the soda and guess what it is.

The funny thing is most of them have these weird faces upon taking a sip, and you find it interesting how many of them guess the soda correctly.


101. “One Bite” Challenge

To win this challenge, participants have to eat as much food as they can in one bite. To be able to win, the participant must take only one bite possible to eat the food.

It’s funny how big your friend’s mouth is after taking this challenge and how much food he or she could eat in a single bite.


102. “Tiny Hands” Challenge

Here you have to use props, which are tiny hands.

In this game, you have to complete as many tasks as possible using your small hands (tiny hands).

Amazing how players can do things with such little hands.

Anyway, to film this challenge, first of all, you have to buy tiny hands first.

The Tiny Hands Challenge!

103. “Boyfriends Buy Outfits for Girlfriends” Challenge

So in this challenge, boys have to go shopping for their girlfriends on a budget leash.

Find out how your boyfriend knows your fashion style and be amused by how confused they were in a shopping department store.

This type of video challenge might be very interesting for boys and girls, because everybody will have fun watching it, right?

It will be a real surprise for girls and a real challenge for men!!

Boyfriends Buy Outfits for Girlfriends! The Shopping Challenge 2017! Niki and Gabi

104. “Fruit Roll-up Race” Challenge

This challenge can be done by kids of all ages, even adults.

This game’s concept is having a fruit roll-up and seeing which one can finish a fruit roll-up faster.

If your kid loves making videos, make sure that he uses the proper camera and gear for vlogging.

FRUIT ROLL UP CHALLENGE | What We Do To Have Fun When There Is No School!

105. “Candy Kissing” Challenge

This game is meant for couples’ game nights with friends.

In this challenge, participants have to eat a piece of candy, and the person kissing them has to guess what the candy is.

For this game to be challenging, players eating candy must be blindfolded.


106. “Cup Stacking” Challenge

Here you have to use your mind-boggling strategy skills.

You have to stack up cups and create the highest tower possible to win this game in like five minutes.

Amazing how you can come up with such speed and strategy to win this challenge. Even your kids would love to participate in this YouTube challenge.

Kids Try The Cup Stacking Challenge

107. “No Noise” Challenge

In this challenge, you must make the least possible sound or noise when eating, opening, or drinking certain items such as Pringles, carrots, and soda.

The person who completes the task in the most silent way possible wins this game.

Exciting to see how people can eat carrots or Pringles in the quietest way possible.


108. “Cooking Without a Recipe” Challenge

An extremely fun challenge whose main idea is to make a dish without a recipe.

The ideal scenario is for dishes to be prepared by people who are not much involved in cooking. On the other hand, orders and evaluations should be provided by the best cooker.

A very fun challenge but time-consuming.

Cooking WITHOUT A RECIPE challenge - Azzyland Gloom & Brianna

109. “Last To – Wins” Challenge

MrBeast extremely often uses this type of video on his YouTube channel!

The idea of this challenge is extremely simple: whoever stays in the challenge wins the dedicated prize.

You can come up with the challenge you want. The most important thing is to find like-minded people who have agreed to participate.

Last To Take Hand Off $1,000,000 Keeps It

110. “Home Olympics” Challenge

Ideal for a YouTube challenge as it will be a big promise not only for your viewers but for you as well.

We recommend participating in this challenge for at least 2-4 people.

The idea is very simple – come up with the tasks you have to do in the home area and compete with each other.

To make the challenge even more fun, we recommend coming up with as silly tasks as possible.

HOME OLYMPICS | ROUND 1 | ft rishabh & sanket | Mr.mnv #29 |

Offer a Challenge for Us!

Do you have something to suggest for this list?

Write a comment below with the name of the challenge! Let’s make this list even bigger!

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