Container Garden Ideas and Recipes (2024)

It’s Spring! Which means that we are busy figuring out our container gardens for the Spring and Summer, and possibly even into the Fall. This is the third installment of Container Garden Ideas and Container Garden Recipes; I just can’t help myself! When I see a planter that contains an assortment of plants that work well together, I must document it for future reference. Lucky for you, I share these Container Garden Recipes with my online besties. So, without further ado, here are a couple of Container Gardening Ideas for you to ponder as you noodle your container gardens this Spring.

Simple but Sophisticated Container Garden

I spied this very simple, but lovely planter, outside of a building on 5th Avenue in New York City. The classic white hydrangea (which I believe to be Hydrangea Macrophylla Endless Summer Blushing Bride) pairs well with the variegated English Ivy (European Ivy Hedera Helix Green Ivy). The classic black urn is the perfect backdrop/vessel for this arrangement.

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Caladium Party Window Box

I have to admit, I was late to the Caladium party. It wasn’t until recently that I really started to appreciate all the different varieties of caladium and how well they fill a space. This planter box is truly a Caladium party! With the combination of 3 different Caladiums (which I believe to be White Delight Lance Leaf Caladium, or Caladium White Wing, White Queen Caladium, and Red Flash Caladium) balanced by the Green English Ivy. This may just be the container gardening idea that I copy borrow this year for my front porch flower pots!

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Container Garden Ideas and Recipes (3)

Beautiful Bougainvillea Planter

I can’t see bougainvillea without thinking of Lombard Street in San Francisco! The luscious, tropical plant flourishes along the sides of that twisty-turny road. Sadly, our cooler winter makes Bougainvillea an annual here, but there is no reason to not enjoy it while I can. This planter box combines the drought-tolerant Bougainvillea (in a dwarf version) with the dusty Licorice Vine.

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Simple, Contrasting Planter

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I like the contrast between the dark, broody Little Miss Ornamental Grass and the light, bright and frolicky Whirlwind White Fan Flower. This easy planter also strikes a nice balance between tall, upright-ish plants and lower, trailing plants.

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Passionate Purple and Electric Green Container Garden

This planter would light up even the gloomiest of days! The combination of the richly colored Purple Heart, Blizzard Pink Ivy Geranium, Supertunia Morning Glory Charm and Supertunia White Charm with the electric green of the Gays Delight Coleus is just plain FUN!

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Container Garden Ideas and Recipes (8)

So, have you planned out your container gardens for the upcoming spring and summer? What are some of your favorite Container Gardening Recipes? Do share! I collect Container Gardening Ideas the same way I collect dessert recipes!

We get many of our plants from our local Home Depot. They have an extensive variety of thrillers, fillers and spillers from which to choose to create your own “recipe”. They have a wonderful program by which you can Order Online Here and pick it up at your local store within hours or at your convenience.

And for more Container Garden Ideas and Recipes:

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And, don’t forget! Container gardening isn’t just for the outdoors! You can do indoor container gardens as well.

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Container Garden Ideas and Recipes (10)
Container Garden Ideas and Recipes (2024)
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